Dr. Patel's Ways to Treat Winter Skin

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Dr. Visha's Ways to Treat Winter Skin

      1.     Exfoliate More (or less) – If you notice your skin becoming dry and flaky, it’s     time to increase your exfoliation. If your skin isn’t flaking and just seems more damaged than normal, ease up on the exfoliating. Winter weather can really throw your skin a curve ball, so adjust your exfoliants as needed.


  1. Apply Sunscreen - It may be cold out, but you still need your sunscreen. The best way to do this is to double up by using a thick, moisturizing, lotion with an SPF of 30 or higher on your skin every day.


  1. Stay Hydrated – Your skin needs hydration inside and out. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water in conjunction with warm winter beverages.


  1. Add Healthy Fats & Oils - Eat foods that are rich with healthy fats like nuts, fish and avocado to help add essential oils and nutrients back into your body. If need be, take supplements like fish oil and vitamins C, E and B complex to keep skin healthy through the winter. You may also consider adding aromatherapy oils to your body wash to help nourish dry skin.


  1. Rotate Beauty Products- Step up your beauty products to formulas that are more moisturizing than your summer products. Use a heavy cream like the B2B to keep your skin soft and non-flaky.


  1. Stick to Warm Water – It may be tempting to take hot showers, especially when it’s cold outside, but try taking warm baths and showers instead. Hot water will only further dry out your skin.


  1. Get a Humidifier (or two) – Winter’s best friend! Use humidifiers in your home to put moisture back into the air.


  1. Routine – Before bed apply thick lotion to both your hands and feet, and then cover them with socks, yes, your hands too. This will help seal in moisture overnight, so you wake up with soft hands and feet.


  1. Cling to Eye Drops – Dry winter eyes? Have eye drops on hand all winter long to keep dry eyes at bay.


  1. Stock the Lip Balm – No one likes chapped lips so, use lip balm like there’s no tomorrow.

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5 ways to Treat Winter Skin - Visha Skincare

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