Visha Skincare Reviews

With so many different products on the market that make big promises, it is refreshing to see that Visha Skincare provides simplified, effective, and cost-conscious products for consumers. Dr Patel is an innovative thinker and I recommend this line of skincare. - Dr. Joe Sobanko

Advanced Bright Eye Booster Reviews

Works wonders! I'm prone to dark circles and a "slight sunken" hard night look when I wake up thanks to bouts of insomnia and this is wonderful at plumping everything up and brightening my skin so that I don't look like I'm auditioning for a zombie movie!! Love it!" - sbelliot, Ipsy reviewer
"This is WONDERFUL! I wish they would send more, finally something that really WORKS!!" - diana_crews1, Ipsy reviewer
"Love it! Works so good on the eyes!!!" - chavez_kerry , Ipsy reviewer
" Love this eye cream. Goes on super smooth and seems to plump my skin up just a bit. I don't know, I feel better when I'm wearing it." - mmbakerson , Ipsy reviewer
"Goes on smooth and really seems to help with my under-eye discoloration." -gypsy714 , Ipsy reviewer
"I really like this eye cream & I have used quite a few of eye creams!" - jennifer_crosley , Ipsy reviewer
" This is great! I can apply this without any stinging. It is smooth and feels great without being greasy." - tiffslay , Ipsy reviewer

" My fiancé brought this home along with the advanced correcting serum in August. I put this on after I use the serum each morning and night. After I started using this product, the lines under my eyes started going away and any damage the sun has done to that part of the skin seems to be better. I look younger and feel great about myself. The best part for being a guy is that no one knows I even put it on. There is still plenty of this left and this after 4 months of use. It is definitely worth the money." - Patrick C. Dafferner, Amazon reviewer

"Most amazing eye cream I've ever used." - Janine Lane, Amazon reviewer


Advanced Correcting Serum Reviews

“I’ve been using the Advanced Correcting serum with a LED infrared light therapy at home morning and night, and my face in just two days has never looked better! I'm a very big fan of just the serum due to the fact that I can see results.” - Despina Delios, Amazon reviewer


“Great product! I like to mix it with my daily moisturizer and follow with SPF 50. It's great because it is fragrance-free and so easy to apply. I've been using it for a little over 7 weeks and can already notice that the scars and spots on my face are fading, and my skin tone is brighter and more even. I really love that it's essentially multiple products combined in one - makes skin care so much easier!” - Nayha, Amazon reviewer


I have used multiple products and at home remedies to help the situation.  Nothing ever seemed to work until I was introduced to Visha Skincare.  I love Visha for how simple it is.  Most skincare lines get rather confusing with so many different products for different uses.  As far as the facial aspect, Visha has helped my skin by minimizing pores and acne scars, as well as reducing puffiness and fine lines.” - Kaylie Wright, Amazon reviewer


An amazing serum! I’ve tried several so called top brands and none came close to giving me the results I saw with Visha Skincare after only a few weeks. Will definitely be buying again!” - Amish R. Purohit, Amazon reviewer


Advanced Purifying Cleanser Reviews

This product line is amazing! I never write reviews and felt it necessary to share my face has never felt better since I've started using this with the serum and I will never buy another over priced product again!! - Anna Morris Francis, Amazon reviewer


Bump 2 Baby Body Balm Reviews

“I have been using bump 2 baby on any rash I see on my daughter who recently turned 1 and my son who is 4. Usually the rash is gone within a day of using Bump 2 Baby. It is soothing, elegant and it works quick. It’s the best skin care product I have ever used on my kids. Thank you for making such a great brand!” - Todd Miller, Amazon reviewer


I have been truly amazed with the results of my Visha products! I love, love, love the richness and scent and fullness of the Bump 2 Baby Body Balm. As A black woman it can be challenging to find a product that moisturizes the skin that doesn't have too much water as a base ingredient. When that is the case, it creates the reverse effect. The water dries the skin and causes an ashy film to appear. The Bump 2 Baby is the first product that I can remember, in a long time, that did not have this effect on my skin.” - Rosalyn Ross, influencer


"I choose Visha Skincare Bump 2 Baby Body Balm. I've used 6 jars in 9 months and loved the silky texture, healthy ingredients, and hydration level. It seems to make the skin strong, but supple." - @ourfitfamily, Instagram influencer