5 Pregnancy Safe Skin Care Tips

The body experiences a host of changes during pregnancy, and it’s no surprise that these shifts visually manifest on the skin. We’ll take a look at some of the most common skin issues that pregnant women face, as well as the best tips and products for a pregnancy-safe skincare routine. 

Common Skin Issues While Pregnant 

During pregnancy, hormonal changes can trigger an increase in oil production, which often leads to an increase in acne. Women also tend to sweat more while pregnant, and in turn experience sweat rashes. 

Stretch marks are also very common during pregnancy, and they can appear across the belly and breasts. While genetics play a part in the development of stretch marks, there are some preventative steps that pregnant women can take to minimize their appearance. 

Pregnant women who get a lot of unprotected sun exposure may also experience melasma (also known as the mask of pregnancy). The combination of the sun and hormonal changes leads to these large pigmented spots, which typically occur on the face. 

5 Pregnancy Safe Skincare Tips

If you are pregnant, here are a few tips to maintain an effective and safe skincare routine. 

  1. Avoid salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and retinol. While you may have turned to these ingredients for fighting acne and signs of aging in the past, it is important to cease use during this time, as they aren’t safe to use while pregnant. 

  2. If you are dealing with hormonal breakouts, some ingredients that are effective and safe to use during pregnancy include glycolic acid, lactic acid, tea tree oil, zinc, and sulfur. All of these ingredients will help prevent acne and reduce current breakouts. 

  3. Botox and other neurotoxins should also be avoided during pregnancy. As an alternative, pregnant women can safely use fillers if desired. 

  4. Regularly moisturize from head to toe. It is particularly important to moisturize the belly, as it not only helps prevent stretch marks, but it can also fight off any itchiness that comes with the stretching skin. 

  5. Apply an SPF product daily. Sun protection is always important, but it is particularly vital for pregnant women, since they are more prone to melasma. In order to prevent melasma and general sun damage to the skin, it is essential that pregnant women apply a product with SPF 30 or higher on a daily basis. 

Best Pregnancy Safe Beauty Products

If you are looking for skincare products to use while pregnant, these are not only safe to use, but incredibly effective: 

Visha Skincare Mommy Purifying Cleanser

This cleanser was created to effectively remove pollutants and residue from the skin while addressing hormonal breakouts that many women deal with during pregnancy. It includes many pregnancy-safe skincare ingredients that decrease inflammation and refine the skin’s texture, including zinc, mild fruit acids, and vitamin B5. The Mommy Purifying Cleanser (along with all Visha Skincare products) is free of parabens, sulfates, fragrances, hydroquinone, and gluten. It can be used twice a day. 

Visha Skincare Mommy Brightener with Illuminotex-™

This 5-in-1 serum is ideal for women dealing with hyperpigmentation and acne caused by hormonal changes. It contains pregnancy-safe exfoliants that clear the pores of acne-causing debris and stimulate collagen production, resulting in firmer, more radiant skin. It also diminishes hyperpigmentation, softens fine lines and wrinkles, minimizes the appearance of pores, and fades the appearance of scars. 

Visha Skincare Mommy Bright Eye Booster


This pregnancy-safe eye cream addresses a multitude of concerns, including puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines and wrinkles. It has a plant-based peptide technology, emblica extract, and vitamins that improve the overall appearance of the eye area. The gentle eye cream also increases hydration and moisture, helping to soothe and protect the delicate eye area. 

Visha Skincare Bump 2 Baby


If you’re concerned about stretch marks and dry skin, this multitasking body balm will give your skin the moisture that it needs. The Bump 2 Baby body balm not only moisturizes, but it also encourages the skin’s natural elasticity, minimizes emerging stretch marks, and strengthens thinning skin. It also soothes and relieves dry skin, which is particularly useful for pregnant women experiencing itchiness. The body balm is safe to use not only during pregnancy, but also while nursing to continue to prevent stretch marks and moisturize the skin. 

Final Thoughts

Women have to make a few adjustments to their skincare routine during pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean an effective skincare regimen should be thrown out the window. By using targeted products that treat skin issues related to pregnancy, pregnant women can have radiant, clear skin from head to toe.

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