17 Best Razors for Women (And Everybody), Tested and Reviewed for 2023

Cosmopolitan posted "17 Best Razors for Women (And Everybody), Tested and Reviewed for 2023." In the article, Visha Skincare founder, Dr. Purvisha Patel stipulates that the best razors are those that pivot, have an additional moisturizing pad, and use multiple blades.

aise your hand if you’ve spent basically your whole shaving life searching for a razor that'll give you smoother, softer skin. Yup, I feel you. Because for those of us who are into the hairless life (which is by no means the ~requirement~ because you do you), using one of the best razors for women (or anyone, really) actually makes a big difference in shave quality. Like, a drugstore disposable razor basically feel like a dull knife against your skin versus the smooth, weighted, eco-friendly razors I’ve come to know and love. Not only does your razor determine the closeness of your shave—it also plays a big part in avoiding razor bumps, razor burn, and your risk of cutting yourself.

And IDK about you, but I’m not out here trying to gamble with a razor and my skin. That’s why I found all the best razors out there right now that literally anyone can use, which were selected with the help of reviewers and Cosmopolitan beauty editors (ahem, that’s us), as well as dermatologist Dendy Engelman, MD and dermatologist Purvisha Patel, MD. Ready to get into the best razors? Just keep scrolling. But first, a glance at our top picks.

Our top picks for the best razors of 2023:

1 Best Overall Razor

Flamingo 5-Blade Razor

Now 15% Off

$13 at Amazon$10 at Target$8 at Flamingo

  • Works well on thick hair, according to testers
  • Designed to help reach tough-to-shave areas
  • Reviewers say blades are v sharp, so you may get a few cuts at first

There’s a reason Flamingo razors have so many glowing reviews: Not only are they prettier than your average razor, but they’re also significantly easier to use, thanks to the flexible hinge and ultra-thin five-blade cartridges. The razor features a 360-degree comfort system infused with aloe and shea butter, as well as an ergonomic handle, which includes grooves for your fingers (and is made with up to 35 percent recycled plastic!). TBH, it's pretty hard to beat.

  • Number of blades: 5
  • Handle material: Weighted plastic
  • What's included: 1 handle, 4 refills, and 1 shower holder

THE REVIEW: As one tester writes, "I will never use another razor again! The smoothness of the blades is like nothing I have ever felt before. This is so worth the money and you will not be disappointed. I cannot get enough of it."

2 Best Bikini Line Razor

Gillette Venus Pubic Hair & Skin Razor

$15 at Amazon$16 at Walmart$20 at Ulta Beauty

  • Great for hard-to-reach spots, per testers
  • Can help minimize razor bumps and ingrown hair
  • Only two blades, so may not be effective on other areas

Heads up: You shouldn’t be using a traditional razor when shaving your bikini line—you need something super gentle, like this pick from Gillette Venus. The ultra-precise blades (which are optimally spaced for an extra-smooth shave) are specifically designed to help protect skin from irritation and ingrowns, and it’s even got a trimmer on the back of the blades for hard-to-reach areas.

  • Number of blades: 2
  • Handle material: Rubber
  • What's included: 1 handle and 2 refills

THE REVIEW: As one tester's review reads, "I have tried countless razors for my hair down there and have tried everything to prevent bumps and ingrowns. I haven’t bought a women's razor in years because they’re usually marked up for no reason. I decided to try this one out with all the great reviews. This is the first time in over 10 years of shaving that I don’t have painful bumps and sensitive skin the next day! I honestly can’t believe it."

3 Best Sensitive Skin Razor

Schick Intuition Sensitive Care Razor

Now 44% Off

$8 at Amazon$10 at Walmart$13 at Target

  • Allows you to skip the shaving gel
  • Testers noted it didn’t irritate their sensitive skin
  • Some reviewers found the design a bit bulky and tricky to handle

Got sensitive, easily irritated skin? I definitely feel ya. This drugstore razor comes equipped with a four-blade pivoting head and aloe-infused moisturizing bar, which allows you to lather, shave, and moisturize all in one easy step. Best of all, the cartridges are designed to hug the curves of your body to help minimize nicks, cuts, and irritaition.

  • Number of blades: 4
  • Handle material: Rubber
  • What's included: 1 handle, 2 refills, and 1 travel cap

THE REVIEW: "Wow, I was pleasantly surprised when I first used this razor on my underarms!" one reviewer notes. "I am super sensitive, and regular razors always left me burning with nicks and cuts. I dreaded shaving under my arms. Now I never have to worry about that burning feeling again! No burning, rash or cuts with this fantastic self-lathering razor. I love the light scent cucumber green tea as well."

4 Best Affordable Razor

Joy Razor

Now 20% Off

$7 at Amazon$9 at Walmart

  • Handle is rubbery and easy to grip
  • Testers say blades give you a super close shave
  • Lubricating strip isn’t very soft, according to reviewers

When it comes to budget razors, it doesn't get much better than Joy. Founded by Gillette, reviewers loooove Joy razors for their minimalist design, five-blade cartridges, and thick, rubbery handles. Because the lubricating strip is on the minimal side, it'll give you a *super* close shave—and for a v reasonable $7, you can get this top-rated razor and two blade refills.

  • Number of blades: 5
  • Handle material: Plastic and silicone
  • What's included: 1 handle and 2 refills

THE REVIEW: "Best razor I have ever used, and I have used quite a few!" one review reads. "I have never received as close of a shave or felt as much smoothness from any other razor! My skin is also SUPER sensitive—I get razor burn from pretty much any razor I use—but I didn’t get any razor burn at all after using this razor."


5 Best Razor Subscription

Billie Razor Starter Kit

$15 at Amazon$10 at Billie

  • Grippy, curved handle helps make for easy handling
  • Blades come surrounded with aloe shave soap
  • Some testers found it isn't as effective on coarse hair

My favorite part about this razor subscription service (other than the Insta-worthy packaging) is that it’s incredibly customizable. Regular shavers can get replacement blades as often as once a month, while lazy folks like me get refills every three months (i.e., you’ve got plenty of options here). The starter kit is just $10 and comes with a retro-colored razor, four five-blade cartridges, and a cute magnetic holder.

  • Number of blades: 5
  • Handle material: Resin and rubber
  • What's included: 1 handle, 4 refills, and 1 shower holder

THE REVIEW: "I absolutely love this razor!!!" raves one tester. "At first, I thought it was all hype. However, now having used it myself, this is the smoothest shave ever. I love how I can stick the holder to my shower wall and the razor magnetically sticks to the holder. Love, love, love and will recommend to everyone."

6 Best Splurge Razor

Leaf Shave The Leaf Razor

$84 at Amazon$84 at Leaf Shave

  • Testers note that pivoting head is great for navigating curves
  • Compatible with any safety razor blades
  • Stand and grip sleeve cost extra

IMO, this razor's almost too pretty to tuck away in your shower. Featuring a long, balanced handle and unique pivoting head, this weighted beauty looks like a work of art and will help give you a close, irritation-free shave in style. It's also totally customizable, so you can load it with one, two, or three stacked blades, depending on your needs—and unlike other luxury razors, it's compatible with any standard safety razor blades. Score!!

  • Number of blades: 1 to 3
  • Handle material: Metal
  • What's included: 1 handle and 10 refills

THE REVIEW: "Never thought I would 'love' a razor!" writes one reviewer. "I bought this because I am sick of throwing plastic into landfills. The quality, materials and weight of the Leaf Razor are superb, and I am amazed by the shave I get. With my previous razor, I would have to shave my legs every other day. I get such a close shave from 3 blades on my Leaf Razor that I can go 3 to 4 days between shaves…AND I can recycle the metal blades!"

7 Best Electric Razor

Remington Smooth & Silky Electric Shaver

$45 at Amazon$58 at Walmart

  • Maintains charge for long time
  • Can be used on wet or dry skin
  • According to reviewers, it doesn't provide as close a shave as a manual razor

In the market for an electric razor? Pls feast your eyes on this easy-to-use beauty. Featuring an angled head, a dual-sided trimmer, hypoallergenic foils, and a moisturizing almond oil strip, this bb will give you an impressively close shave without leaving cuts or bumps—and best of all, you can use it both in and out of the shower.

  • Number of blades: 4
  • Handle material: Plastic
  • What's included: Shaver, attachment, cleaning brush, and charging stand

THE REVIEW: According to one reviewer, "I'm that person who remembers to shave AFTER I get out of the shower then I end up dry shaving. Ouch!! With this shaver, I can shave before or after my shower and there's no ouch. I can shave whenever I want and this shaver does a good job...and I don't have to replace expensive blades. I recently took it on a 2-week cruise and the charge lasted for the entire cruise."

8 Best Budget Electric Razor

Philips Beauty Lady Shaver Series 6000

Now 22% Off

$35 at Amazon$43 at Walmart$45 at Target

  • Reviewers say it works great for wet or dry shaves
  • Rounded tips are designed to feel gentle on skin
  • May not be as effective on super-coarse hair types

Despite its ridiculous name, this rechargeable "Lady Shaver" really does its job...and it does it well. It's designed with two rounded trimmer tips surrounding a shaving foil, and like other electric razors, you can comfortably use it on wet or dry skin (which, BTW, makes it particularly great for quick touch-ups). Plus, it comes with a ton of helpful accessories—all for $35. What a deal!!

  • Number of blades: 3
  • Handle material: Plastic
  • What's included: Shaver, 3 attachments, cleaning brush, exfoliation glove, and charging cable

THE REVIEW: "So in love with this!" one tester writes. "Not so amazing for thick leg hairs (becomes tedious and slow on lower leg but still will get the job done!) but great for a touch-up, and oh-so amazing for my thighs and bikini. Zero razor bumps and zero ingrown hairs, which was a constant issue when using a regular razor."

9 Best Sustainable Razor

Preserve POPi Shave 5 Razor System

$12 at Amazon$10 at Thrive Market$17 at Grove Collaborative

  • Eco-friendly
  • Nickel allergy sufferers say it doesn't irritate their skin
  • Some reviewers noted the lubricating strip melted in the shower over time

If you’re into blue beauty, then welcome to your ideal razor. “Truth: This is one of the few razors that has never cut me,” says Cosmopolitan deputy beauty director Chloe Metzger, “which makes me happy, considering it’s made from ocean-waste plastic—aka plastic already littering the sea.” And DW, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for ocean-friendly—this one’s still equipped with a lubricating strip, five ceramic-coated blades, and a quick-release button to easily swap out your razor head.

  • Number of blades: 5
  • Handle material: Recycled plastic
  • What's included: 1 handle and 1 refill

THE REVIEW: "This is a great little razor," notes one product tester. "I appreciate the simple packaging and recycled plastic. I especially appreciate that the blades stay SHARP for a long time. I can shave 2-3 times a week for a solid 6+ weeks before the blades *start* to dull. That fact alone makes these far more 'eco-friendly' than the other big-name women’s razors that are rusty and dull after a few shaves."


10 Best Razor Kit

Athena Club The Razor Kit

$10 at Target$10 at Athena Club

  • Doesn't require you to apply much force
  • Testers loved that this one didn’t leave as many cuts or razor burns
  • Some felt the handle was a bit *too* thick and wished it had finger grips

Similar to Billie, Athena Club makes affordable (and aesthetic!) razor kits that'll look so damn good in your shower—though some reviewers say Athena Club's razors have a sturdier handle with a better angle for those hard-to-reach places. Other perks include the hyaluronic acid serum-infused blades, magnetic shower hook, and two replacement cartridges.

  • Number of blades: 5
  • Handle material: Aluminum and silicone
  • What's included: 1 handle, 2 refills, and 1 shower holder

THE REVIEW: "Amazing razor!" one product tester writes. "I have extremely sensitive skin and eczema, and this is the only razor that hasn't irritated it. The blade provides a close shave, and I never have issues with the razor heads coming off when I'm trying to get in hard to reach areas. The only razor I will use from now on."

11 Best Facial Razor

Schick Hydro Silk Touch-Up

Now 21% Off

$6 at Amazon$9 at Walmart$8 at Ulta Beauty

  • Good for fine hairs, according to reviewers
  • Doubles as brow shaper and dermaplaning tool
  • Should ideally only be used twice before disposing

Face-shavers, rejoice: These skinny lil razors are basically a godsend for peach fuzz and eyebrow touch-ups, especially since they come with a precision cover for easier brow shaping. Each pack comes with three micro razors that will make shaving your face at home almost...enjoyable? And while these mini razors are disposable, you can still get a few uses out of 'em before having to change them out.

  • Number of blades: 1
  • Handle material: Plastic
  • What's included: 3 razors, 3 travel caps, and 1 precision cover

THE REVIEW: "I never write reviews BUT this tool is amazing!!!" raves a tester. "I used this product for the first time today to remove blonde facial peach fuzz and upper lip. I was so amazed and addicted to see the lil clumps of blonde falling off my face. Do yourself a favor and put this in your cart now!!!"

12 Best Safety Razor

Oui the People Rose Gold Sensitive Skin Razor

$85 at OUI the people

  • Reviewers note that it delivers an incredibly close shave
  • Testers loved how gentle it was on their sensitive skin
  • Sound found it has a learning curve

While safety razors might need a blade change more frequently than others, they’re my personal fave for three reasons: They’re completely plastic free, they deliver a closer shave than any other razor, and they’re a great sensitive skin-approved product. “Beyond feeling fancy AF while using a chic, rose-gold razor, this one is perfect for sensitive skin because it’s only a single blade,” says Cosmopolitan beauty editor-at-large Julee Wilson. “Translation: soft, smooth skin, sans ingrown hairs.”

  • Number of blades: 1
  • Handle material: Stainless steel
  • What's included: 1 handle and 10 refills

THE REVIEW: "I purchased this razor because I was tired of cheap plastic razors that gave me razor burn," one product reviewer explains. "It's a beautiful razor and very high quality. It took me a week or two to figure out how to use it correctly, but now I love it. It leaves my legs smooth and without razor burn. Worth the initial price!"

13 Best Weighted Razor

hanni The Weighted Razor Kit

$42 at Sephora$42 at hanni

  • Razor head's curve is angled to fit underarms
  • Handle is weighty but still easy to grip, per testers
  • Reviewers say you need to go slow for precision and to avoid nicks

Another fab single-blade razor option: this pastel stunner from hanni. Made with powder-coated metal that won't rust when wet, the weighted razor is designed to give you a super-close shave with very little pressure, effectively operating like a hair remover and body exfoliator all in one. You'll also love how the finger grooves and extra-long handle help you keep your grip, even when things get slippery.

  • Number of blades: 1
  • Handle material: Metal
  • What's included: 1 handle, 5 refills, and 1 travel cap

THE REVIEW: A product tester writes, "I grew up using plastic disposable razors, so was quite nervous at first about hanni. But truth be told, I was sick of getting nicked all the time, so made a tiny investment to see if i'd like the weighted razor. There's definitely a learning curve, but once you get the hang of the angle, you're golden. I swear I almost never have to shave my legs and underarms anymore."

14 Best Disposable Razor

BIC Silky Touch Razors

$3 at Amazon$3 at Walmart$4 at Target

  • So! Cheap!
  • Approved by reviewers with sensitive skin
  • Doesn't include a moisturizing strip, which not everyone loves

While I don’t love disposable razors, there’s definitely a time and a place for them—like keeping a bag of them in my apartment for when friends crash at my place (if I had a dollar for every time someone asked if they could borrow my razor...🤢). The bag is loaded with 10 single-use razors that actually get the job done (and for just a few bucks, no less).

  • Number of blades: 2
  • Handle material: Plastic
  • What's included: 10 disposable razors with covers

THE REVIEW: "I have sensitive skin and I have no issues with this razor," one tester notes. "Easy to use, great for traveling. Great price."

15 Best Budget Safety Razor

Kitsch Perfect Glide Safety Razor

$29 at Amazon$29 at Ulta Beauty$29 at Kitsch

  • Handle is textured for easier gripping
  • Reviewers love that it only requires very light pressure
  • Not very flexible, so it may not navigate curves as well

Ready to make the shift to safety razors but not quite ready to pay a steep price? These plastic-free, single-blade razors from Kitsch can help ya make the transition, and you'll love how the weighty, extra-long handle makes it so easy to glide the razor across your skin. Closest shave of your life, here you come!!

  • Number of blades: 1
  • Handle material: Stainless steel
  • What's included: 1 handle, 5 refills, and 1 travel cap

THE REVIEW: As one product review reads, "The construction is sturdy, the material feels very premium, and the razor feels great in the hand. So far, I’ve gotten a few days use per blade side. This means a single blade is lasting me a solid week or more, depending on how often I shave. Nice! Overall, this is a premium-feeling, close-cutting, easy-to-use razor."

16 Best Razor and Bikini Trimmer

Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle

$15 at Walmart$18 at Ulta Beauty$19 at Target

  • Includes two tools in one device
  • Reviewers love how easy it is to use
  • Trimmer may pinch your skin a bit, per some testers

Don’t have room in your shower for a razor and a bikini trimmer? Consolidate your space with this double-sided option from Schick, which includes a hydrating razor and a super-effective trimmer in one sleek stick. On one side, you'll find a five-blade cartridge with smoothing skin guards for your legs and armpits, and on the other, an adjustable waterproof bikini trimmer with four settings that'll let ya find your perfect trim length.

  • Number of blades: 5
  • Handle material: Plastic
  • What's included: 1 handle, 1 refill, 1 trimmer, and 1 AAA battery

THE REVIEW: "This worked perfectly for me!" writes one tester. "It's just what I wanted. Possibly TMI, but I used the trimmer down there all over, and it shaved me down to the skin without any hassle. Very gentle—[I] didn't even feel it. Great product for a great price!"

17 Best Travel Razor

Alleyoop All-In-One Razor

Now 12% Off

  • Ideal for touch-ups on the go
  • Testers noted that moisturizing bar works well and doesn't make a mess
  • Can take a long time to shave larger areas

A portable razor perfect for travel and touch-ups on-the-go? Count me in. This TikTok-famous shaver comes packed with a mini spray bottle, a moisturizer-based shaving bar, and a triple-blade razor, allowing you to spritz, lather, and shave no matter where you are. Plus, the moisturizing bar (which is packed with coconut oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter) is designed to withstand the heat, so you don't have to worry about having a melty, goopy mess on your hands.

  • Number of blades: 3
  • Handle material: Plastic
  • What's included: 1 container, 2 refills, 1 spray bottle, and 1 moisturizing bar

THE REVIEW: "I can’t say enough good things about this little gadget!" one reviewer writes. "I got this because I’m very self conscious of my legs and often miss spots while shaving. I love wearing dresses to work but have gotten there and realized I missed a spot while shaving. This gadget is perfect! Fits in my desk, purse, or in the car, and is an all in one solution! Everything is refillable and replaceable as well!"

How to choose the best razor

Not sure where to get started on your smooth-skin journey? A few tips for ya:

Look for a flexible razor head

“You want a razor that can pivot, especially if you're shaving your body,” says dermatologist Purvisha Patel, MD. “You need something that can move with the different angles.” Think: your ankles, knees, and anywhere else where your razor needs to bend over curves and angles. Having a flexible razor will help prevent any nicks and cuts in the ~dicier~ spots (IYKYK).

Choose one with a moisturizing buffer

Dr. Patel suggests looking for razors that have a moisturizing pad next to the blades to make sure your skin is super-lubricated as you shave. But if you prefer safety razors that don’t have a pad, dermatologist Dendy Engelman, MD, says to make sure you’re skin is significantly wet beforehand (like, don't just sprinkle on a little water and go to town), and lather up with a shaving cream for an extra smooth surface that will help prevent razor bumps, razor burn, and cuts.

Consider the number of blades

If you shave frequently, Dr. Patel says to go for a razor that has multiple blades, because they won’t dull as fast as a single- or double-blade razor. But regardless of what you choose, she says one of the most important ways to keep them from dulling too fast is to clean your razors between uses, and keep it somewhere where it can completely dry (so, you know, no laying on a damp sponge in the moldiest corner of your shower, k?).

Meet the experts

  • Dendy Engelman, MD, is a board-certified dermatologist at Shafer Clinic Fifth Avenue in New York, NY. Dr. Engleman specializes in all aspects of aesthetic and cosmetic surgery and is an expert in injectables and laser technology.
  • Purvisha Patel, MD, is board-certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon, and the founder of Advanced Dermatology and Skin Cancer Associates in multiple locations across Tennessee and Mississippi. Dr. Patel is also the founder of Visha Skincare, a skincare line that specializes in brightening and fading UV damage.

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