3 Foolproof Hacks for Reducing Puffiness and Under Eye Bags, According to Derms

She Finds posted "3 Foolproof Hacks For Reducing Puffiness And Under Eye Bags, According To Derms" The article includes Visha Skincare founder, Dr. Purvisha Patel's expert advice on Visha Skincare Bright Eye Booster to reduce eye puffiness.

Puffiness and under eye bags are some of the most frustrating skin issues to solve as they can stem from a number of root causes. From genetics, to a lack of sleep, and even dehydration, worsening dark circles and puffiness under the eyes can alter your appearance and create the look of exhaustion, even potentially aging you prematurely. Thankfully there are several tricks to implement into your beauty routine that will reduce puffiness and circles under your eyes, naturally brightening your complexion for an ageless and wide awake look.

Cool Compress

Applying a cool compress to the face immediately after waking is one of the best and easiest ways to reduce puffiness in the eye area while kick-starting your day. “Cool compresses are helpful in the morning to wake you up and depuff the skin as it constricts the blood vessels to decrease the puffiness temporarily,” explains Dr. Purvisha Patel, board-certified dermatologist and founder of Visha Skincare. Skin can become puffy at night, particularly if you sleep on your stomach and have your face mashed into the pillow, so avoiding this sleep position can also help to reduce eye bags.

Jade Roller

Jade rollers are often touted for having a similar effect as gua sha for contouring your skin, but they can actually also be great for reducing swelling in the eye area–particularly if they’re kept in the fridge overnight for a burst of cool on your skin. “Jade rollers help depuff as well – they are rolled in an in to out direction around the eyes to help the lymphatic fluid get out of the eyelines,” notes Patel. Be gentle around your eyes, however, and take care not to press too hard so your jade roller isn’t tugging at the delicate skin and causing the development of fine lines.


Not only can drinking caffeine provide your body with energy for the day, but it can also help to give your skin a boost as well. “Caffeine is helpful both on the inside and outside to help with the vasoconstriction of blood vessels in the skin and decrease puffiness,” explains Patel. Within her own skincare line, the Visha Skincare Bright Eye Booster “contains caffeine to depuff the area and the water binding molecule hyaluronic acid, to smooth and hydrate the skin,” she adds. 

Following these three steps daily and taking care to be gentle with the skin around your eyes will make the most significant difference in reducing puffiness and dark circles for a more awake, youthful appearance. On top of these skincare hacks, taking care to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water each day while also prioritizing sleep will allow you to create a well rounded routine from the inside out, improving both your complexion and your confidence.

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