How to Banish Your Blackheads the Natural Way

IPSY posted "How to Banish Your Blackheads the Natural Way." In the article, Visha Skincare founder, Dr. Purvisha Patel shares that, though blackheads are impossible to eradicate, they are easy to manage. Take the time to develop a daily skincare regimen that is exfoliating, antimicrobial, and ant-inflammatory.

Finding someone who doesn’t mind blackheads is harder to find than someone who isn’t #TeamAriana. These pesky black spots that hide in face pores are endlessly frustrating and the internet is full of videos of people trying to manage this issue and get rid of it entirely. But when dealing with an ever-present skincare issue, we like to go to the experts, which is why we tapped a derm to give us all of the dirty details on how blackheads live and operate.

“Blackheads are formed when open pores get filled with oil, and when the oil is exposed to air, it oxidizes—which gives it the black appearance,” explains dermatologist Purvisha Patel, MD. And although it’s impossible to “cure” blackheads from your face forever, there are very tangible steps you can take to manage blackhead production and to help clear them out of your face and pores.

About the Expert:

Purvisha Patel, MD, is a dermatologist, cosmetic surgeon, and founder of Advanced Dermatology and Skin Cancer Associates, and VISHA SKINCARE.

How to Get Rid of Blackheads Naturally

1. Keep a Good Skincare Routine

This should include exfoliating and washing your face every day, according to Dr. Patel.

2. Look for Specific Ingredients

“Looking for products that include ingredients like AHAs, tea tree oil, zinc, and B vitamins are great as they clean the skin of microorganisms and unclog pores, which ultimately prevents inflammation,” explains Dr. Patel.

We love the ITEM BEAUTY Fast Pass AHA Gel Cleanser for gentle daily cleansing that will exfoliate dead skin cells each time you wash.

3. Use a Mask Once a Week

Using an exfoliating mask can help regulate sebum production, which will help prevent new blackheads from forming.

We love the ORIGINS Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask to help draw oil out of the pores, shed existing blackheads, and keep things clear so new ones won’t form.

4. Consider Using an Extractor

Using a “comedone extractor to manually remove the oil plugs” can help move things along, explains Dr. Patel. However, she adds, “It’s important to know how to prevent scarring, or you can seek professional help to get them removed.” The next time you visit your dermatologist, ask them to show you the correct way to use this tool.

5. Reach for Vitamin A

“Vitamin A derivatives such as retinol and adapalene help shrink oil glands and decrease oil production,” says Dr. Patel. We’re big fans of the DERMALECT Outcrease Retinol Trifecta Serum that contains three forms of retinol, including pure vitamin A.

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