Jade Rollers Are Actually Pretty Good For Your Skin And We Couldn’t Be More Surprised

Women's Health Magazine posted "Jade Rollers Are Actually Pretty Good For Your Skin And We Couldn’t Be More Surprised" featuring Visha Skincare and Dr. Purvisha Patel.

In the article, Visha Skincare Brand founder Dr. Purvisha Patel shares her expertise on jade rolling and its benefits.

If you’re like the cool Instagram kids, you’re jade rolling. And if you’re not, you’re seeing everyone and their mom run these baby paint roller things up and down their faces.

However, this DIY beauty technique that claims to de-puff and tone the face started way before the 'gram—think hundreds of years ago, when Chinese empresses were rumored to use the jade tools to smooth their complexions, according to China Daily.

But is this just one of those things that IG influencers latch onto because it makes a good video, or does a jade roller actually do something for your skin? Read on for an expert's take:

What is a jade roller—and what does it do?

A jade roller is basically a facial tool where a rounded, smooth jade stone is attached to a handle and rolled across the face. It was traditionally used in China and other parts of Asia to firm and tighten the complexion.

Are there any jade roller benefits?

Actually, yes. A jade roller can help de-puff the skin, making it look tighter and firmer. That's because rolling the jade stone firmly over your face can help push along built-up lymphatic fluids under the skin. "Puffiness in your face when you wake up from sleeping, for example, is from pooled lymphatic fluid," says Purvisha Patel, M.D., founder of Visha Skincare, who practices dermatology in Tennessee and Mississippi.

You can also boost the de-puffing power of a jade roller by putting it in the fridge or freezer before using to get it nice and cool, since coolness also helps reduce swelling.

What they can't do: Allow skin-care products to absorb more deeply into skin. (This is a popular claim often floated around on IG.) The rolling motion can help evenly spread product, but the pressure doesn’t affect penetration of ingredients.

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