List of Safe Face Washes During Pregnancy [Reviews & Guide]

VooBeauty posted "List of Safe Face Washes During Pregnancy [Reviews & Guide]" featuring Dr. Purvisha Patel and Visha Skincare. The article features Mommy Purifying Cleanser, a great pregnancy-safe exfoliator that gently removes residue from complexion.

Pregnancy is not the easiest of times for any woman. But the changes are just not as simple as a belly expanding. It is your skin that also undergoes several changes while you are pregnant. The changes in the skin, however, are not ones that you can endure easily. The problem here is that your skin becomes susceptible to dryness and rashes more often during pregnancy. Even more so, if your skin is already sensitive and prone to breakouts of dry patches and rashes, then the issue becomes manifold troublesome. The cause of these bursts of dryness is the changes your body is undergoing on a hormonal level. Often these changes can also trigger acne on the face, which is why proper skincare products are now available to put a restraint on the acne and dryness which your skin suffers from during pregnancy.

These face washes are specially designed to be friendly with your sensitive skin. The list of safe face washes during pregnancy given below contains some of the products which have been made keeping the needs of pregnant women in mind and are able to provide the maximum protection to you and your skin while containing none of the ingredients which could be hazardous to you or your child.

Here’s the List of Safe Face Washes During Pregnancy

Visha Skincare Purifying Cleanser

Using this cleanser allows you to get rid of the polluting residue settled into your skin, without damaging the pH levels of the skin of the user. The composition used here allows putting a stop on the hormonal breakouts in the skin, reducing the irritating sensation usually caused. It contains mild fruit extracts and Vitamin B5, used to curb the inflammation of the skin and rashes due to dryness of the skin.

  • Perfect for exfoliation and cleansing of the skin
  • Does not contain any additives such as paraben or sulfates

Best Face Wash for Pregnancy – Buyer’s Guide

Skin during pregnancy for a woman is a very sensitive issue – particularly because the skin itself becomes increasingly sensitive. Choosing a skincare product in such conditions is a difficult task, and extreme caution should be examined. Some products used in these skincare cleansers are naturally to be avoided, such as all forms of strong and hazardous chemicals. It is ideal to use organic and nature-based products when you are undergoing pregnancy. It is ideal to check these two factors when selecting your ideal facewash.

No soap or chemical components

The soap-based formula is to be generally avoided when you are pregnant, since they rid the skin of the user with the natural oils, causing it to become prone to dryness. Doing so would lead to rashes becoming more frequent and worse. Additionally, besides soap-based compounds, it is also advised to ignore the products which contain any harmful components in it. It may be a difficult task, but it is definitely not impossible since many products now cater to the needs of pregnant women by keeping their products effective, yet free of any harmful chemical compounds.

Organic Compounds are the best

Products like Aloe Vera and Green tea extracts are known to have plenty of skin benefits for the user. It is advised to use the products which heavily rely on these components, since they are the best for all forms of skin, ranging from dry, oily to even sensitive skin. They are ideal ingredients that offer cleansing without damaging the skin.

FAQs Related to Safe Face Washes for Pregnancy

1. How often should pregnancy face wash be used?

It is advised to not use the face wash too often, since overusing it, even with organic products, can lead to increased dryness of the skin. It is ideal to use it no more than twice a day, to avoid frequent dryness and acne.

2. Can pregnancy face wash help in acne and redness of skin?

Most pregnancy face wash comprises of organic products such as aloe vera and coconut oils, which can greatly help in enhancing skin health. These products can thus, help in common skin ailments as well.

3. Is it really important to use pregnancy face wash?

The inclination is totally based on personal preference; however, most dermatologists advise to not resort to chemicals for washing skin. Unlike the chemical-based soaps and face washes, these products shall not be harmful to you.

4. What are the ideal components for a pregnancy face wash?

Chemicals shall always be a no go for pregnancy face washes; thus, it is best for vegan or organic products which nourish the skin and not cause dryness over frequent use.


The above list of safe face washes during pregnancy is presented after hours of research. Hormonal fluctuations will not be much of a worry, provided you have chosen the product which is right for you. Acne is one such skin condition, which you will need to look out for. Skincare during pregnancy is something which you should never ignore and these products can lend you a hand in keeping these skin conditions and dryness at bay and have a confident and successful pregnancy. If it is possible, scout products which are baby-friendly, to account for the fact that some of this product may even be absorbed by the skin.

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