Protecting Yourself from COVID-19

The NorthStar Narrative posted  "Protecting Yourself from COVID-19" featuring Dr. Purvisha Patel, Advanced Dermatology, and Visha Skincare.

If COVID-19 is spreading so rapidly, how do I protect myself from it? Can this virus live in hair? How long does it live on surfaces? Is it safe to get food and Amazon deliveries? Listen as Dr. Patel answers these questions and more about the circumstances we find ourselves in during this pandemic. Hear tips and advice about day-to-day life as we all practice social distancing and do our part to flatten the curve.

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Dr. Purvisha Patel

Born in London, Dr. Patel was raised in Wales and Virginia. She completed her undergraduate and medical school studies at the University of Virginia. She completed her dermatology training at The University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis. During residency, Dr. Patel discovered her passion for treating skin cancer and anti-aging and went on to complete a surgical fellowship under the tutelage of Dr. Michael McCall at the University of Louisville in Kentucky. Dr Patel’s expertise in skin and skincare is also seen as she formulated and patented the Visha Skincare line when she saw that her products were working on patients of all ages, genders and skin types.


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