The Best Anti-chafing Products For Sweaty Thighs, Breasts, And Everything In Between

Coveteur posted "The Best Anti-chafing Products For Sweaty Thighs, Breasts, And Everything In Between" featuring Dr. Purvisha Patel and Visha Skincare Products.

It’s time to tackle chafing head-on.

Not many things can put a damper on your summertime vibes like chafing. Anyone who’s experienced the pain and annoyance of chafing knows that it doesn’t discriminate when it comes to location. In fact, it can occur anywhere there’s a friction point on your body (think upper thighs, middle of the back, underarms, backs of the knees, and even on the breasts). But before you swear off sundresses and bras for good, know that with the right prep, you can protect your skin from the wrath of a flare-up. We’re declaring it time to nix chafing off your list of summer woes, once and for all.

“Chafing happens when there is repetitive rubbing of the skin with either skin-to-skin contact or friction of clothing,” says Purvisha Patel, board-certified dermatologist and founder of Visha Skincare. The key to preventing sensitive, inflamed skin caused by chafing? Adding a layer of protection. Balms can help stop the chafing before it even begins—just be sure to reapply throughout the day as you sweat.

Garter meets thigh-high tights in these anti-chafe thigh bands, which feature two silicone strips to reduce the chance of it slipping off. The bands work by creating a barrier between your thighs, fending off chafing-induced redness and irritation. Plus, we're all for the lace print as a sexy accompaniment to our undergarment drawer.

According to Patel, chafing most commonly occurs when the skin is moist, making it more common during athletic activities. That means whether you’re a pro runner or a novice cycler, a product for, erm, your in-between parts will help you go the distance chafe-free. You won’t find any fragrances or strange menthols in Betwixt, just an all-natural blend of chamomile, white oak bark, and green tea to provide maximum protection.

Feet are a hotbed for raw, chafed skin. And while those too-tight (albeit gorgeous) heels may be worth the rubbed-raw skin they cause, you won’t have to compromise anymore, thanks to this greaseless stick. Apply it on areas of the foot that are prone to chafing, namely the backs of the ankles, balls of the feet, and on the toes. Blisters won’t stand a chance.

One of the main goals of these wipes is to offer an on-the-go solution that’s as convenient as it is effective. The other is 24-hour protection, landing them a permanent home in your gym bag. Just pull them out whenever you’re feeling the onset of chafing to prevent flare-ups.

Bras can be a double-edged sword—they offer support when we need it, but truth be told, they’re also a source of skin irritation for many. Enter this chemical-free balm: It’s created specifically to prevent chafing caused by irritating bra bands. Organic coconut oil adds a layer of hydration (without the grease), while the stain-free formula won't leave behind any residue on your most prized undergarment.

Though it’s there to protect you, a face mask can wreak havoc on your skin, causing everything from breakouts to dryness. Apply this face balm wherever your mask is likely to rub up against to help lessen the friction and prevent irritation.

Patel recommends using powders to prevent chafing for their ability to absorb moisture. This jasmine-scented powder features a kaolin-and-cornstarch base, leaving you dry and less prone to chafing, no matter what activity the day calls for. Apply in between creases as you would a lotion for all-day dryness.

Visha Skincare Face 2 Feet, $35

Dr. Purvisha Patel notes that “it is important that the skin be given the opportunity to heal if it gets wounded.” For times like this, using a restorative balm nightly can encourage a quicker healing time. This one is insanely hydrating, thanks to its slew of plant-based emollients. It’s also spiked with essential oils, providing much-needed relief for inflamed skin.

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