The Best Nourishing Hand Creams That'll Banish Dry, Cracked Winter Skin

Allure posted "The Best Nourishing Hand Creams That'll Banish Dry, Cracked Winter Skin." In the article, Visha Skincare founder, Dr. Purvisha Patel says to use body emollients with retinol like you would the ones without in order to extend the benefits of retinol to the rest of the body.

From honey-infused creams to thick, creamy balms, keep these picks in your skin-care arsenal for always-moisturized hands.

You do a lot with your hands. Wash them, sanitize them, clean with them, and maybe even garden or cook with them. Any one of these tasks alone can take a toll on how the skin on your hands looks and feels. Combine this with the cold, moisture-sucking air of winter and you're more than likely left with cracked knuckles, unsightly cuticles, and overall dry, rough skin. We know you remain dedicated to switching up your skin-care routine for your face according to the season, but truth be told, it's time for your hands to get some love, too.

"Cold air and wind constrict blood vessels and can result in decreased moisture to the surface of the skin," explains Tennessee-based dermatologist Purvisha Patel, MD. This can result in microcracks on the surface of the skin, Dr. Patel says, which can be just plain uncomfortable (at best) or can lead to infection (at worst). Plus, you're more likely to take hot showers and crank the heater up during the wintertime — Dr. Patel says these factors can also result in drier skin that's prone to cracking or inflammation.

Thankfully, it's easy to start incorporating hand creams into your routine — just throw one in your purse, car, and gym bag as a constant reminder to lather up. While hand creams are a dime a dozen, the right one should be packed with ingredients that benefit your skin. Dr. Patel recommends looking out for ingredients like rosehip oil to reduce redness and inflammation, shea butter to promote collagen synthesis and repair the skin, and sunflower seed oil to support the skin's moisture barrier, says Dr. Patel.

If you're loyal to Target (aren't we all?), here are the best hand creams you'll find there — your hands will thank you.

Lanolips Rose Intense Hand Cream

Looking for a hand cream that doubles as a cuticle treatment? The Rose Intense Hand Cream from Lanolips is the answer, offering up the skin-softening benefits of lanolin to hydrate more than just parched hands. Beyond the grease-free formula, we're fans of the compact packaging — it's travel-friendly (perfect for combating the inevitable dryness you experience in-flight), but also tucks away nicely into your nightstand to accompany your bedtime routine.

Eczema Honey Oatmeal Hand Cream

This just in: your favorite breakfast food now comes in the form of hand cream. Well, sort of. Oatmeal is the star of the show in this hand cream from Eczema Honey — it helps fight off cracked knuckles and dry skin while cocoa and shea butters work together to smooth out any roughness. The Allure Best of Beauty winner is also made without any parabens, phthalates, or fragrance, making it a non-irritating option for those with eczema-prone or sensitive skin.

EOS Shea Better Hand Cream

EOS is a brand near and dear to our lips, and now, its Shea Butter Hand Cream has also earned a spot in our routines. The formula, which highlights the softening properties of shea butter, keeps hands moisturized for a full day — perfect for those long car rides to the family Christmas party or for chilly weekends spent camping. This comes in several scents, but in our opinion, Vanilla Cashmere is perfect for getting into the cozy winter spirit.

Tenoverten The Heroine Hand Cream

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