Tips And Products For Your Post-Workout Hair Care Routine posted "Tips And Products For Your Post-Workout Hair Care Routine" The article highlights Visha Skincare's Top2Toe as one of the best hair care products to use post-workout since it is a 5-in-1 wash that cleanses body, hair, and scalp and is designed to dissolve excess oils, sweat and dirt from your body post-exercise. 

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Sure, working out is great for your body, but tying hair up too tightly or not taking care of a sweaty scalp can lead to a mane that's not-so-healthy.

When it comes to working hard in the gym and staying on top of your hair care game, what's a fitness lover to do?

How to style your hair for workouts

Dale Borchiver, co-founder of fitness and lifestyle site Sweats in the City, says it's important to know how to style your hair for a workout.

"First, I try to avoid tying [my] hair too tightly," Borchiver told Shop TODAY. "Second, the hair tie is essential — don't just grab any old elastic because those can cause serious breakage. We recommend using a silk scrunchie instead."

If you're skilled at braiding, Borchiver also recommends a French braid to keep hair out of the face during workouts.

For those with natural hair, Khaleah London, a lead group fitness instructor at Equinox+, says it's all about the prep work.

"Ensuring that your hair is sufficiently hydrated and moisturized before your workout is key to looking your best," said London. "However, too much or too little moisturizing can result in dryness, frizz or breakage, so focus the hydration and moisturizing on your most perspiring areas like the edges and ends."

How to take care of your hair after workouts

When it comes to washing your hair post-workout, Borchiver recommends planning sweatier workouts, like a good spin class, on days when you plan to wash your hair, then focusing on low-impact (less sweaty) workouts on the in-between days.

"Additionally, I like to use a trick where I put the majority of my hair in a shower cap and pull out any pieces that frame the face," Borchiver explained. "I shampoo those pieces and then blow-dry it back — this way I can avoid washing my entire head of hair. And of course, there is always dry shampoo."

London says to focus on hair products with natural ingredients and to avoid synthetic materials whenever possible.

"Sweat, in combination with the toxins from synthetic products, can cause exposed pores to the point of potentially damaging the skin," London said.

"Also, pre-workouts are a great time to hair mask," added Borchiver. "If you're going to wash it anyway, definitely put in a mask, throw it in a bun and you're good to go. After you're done with your workout, you can wash it out. You can also remove sweat by using the cool air setting on your blow dryer for a post-class touch up."

Overall, London reminds exercise enthusiasts that the main focus should be on moving your body.

"It's great to sweat and be active, so don't let worries about your look prevent you from staying healthy and giving it your all during the workout," said London.

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Visha Skincare Top 2 Toe Wash

Visha Skincare Top 2 Toe Wash

It's a 5-in-1 wash that cleanses body, hair and scalp, and it's designed to dissolve excess oils, sweat and dirt from your body post-exercise. Packed with tea tree and peppermint oil, its refreshing scent is an added bonus.

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