What Beauty Entrepreneurs Want The Next President To Do

Beauty Independent posted "What Beauty Entrepreneurs Want The Next President To Do" and features Visha Skincare founder, Dr. Purvisha Patel's  commentary on what she hopes the next President will do for regulation within the beauty industry.

Late Tuesday night, the winner of a close presidential election in the United States wasn’t determined. While former Vice President Joe Biden had captured 227 electoral votes to President Donald Trump’s 213, according to The New York Times, a candidate must secure 270 electoral votes to take the presidency. No matter the winner, beauty entrepreneurs have a list of demands they’d like him to address. To learn about their demands, we asked 21 of them the following question prior to the election: What do you want the next president to do to help your company and the beauty industry more generally? Here’s what they hope either Trump or Biden will get done in office to foster the business of beauty.


Dermatologist and Founder, Visha Skincare
In true capitalistic form, the beauty industry is bombarded with brands old and new with promises, scare tactics and false advertising to increase their sales. I would ask for increased regulation on verbiage used to the public so that claims of results come with scientific data and studies. The terms "natural" and "clean," for example, are not regulated and misused to mislead consumers. I would ask for advertising regulation so as not to deceive consumers. There should be disclosed COI (conflict of interest) when celebrities and influencers recommend products that is clear to the public as they are getting paid to advertise.

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