Best Skincare Products to Use While Pregnant

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Best Skincare Products to Use While Pregnant
Pregnancy is an incredible time for most women, but it can also become challenging when trying to choose the proper skin care. One's hormones are out of whack, so each woman's complexion care needs might be different. 

Which serums, creams and lotions can be applied, and which ones should be tossed out?

It is a serious matter that bears attention because there are certain items a pregnant woman should avoid during her term. Some beauty ingredients can pose possible health risks to the fetus and mother.

Here is a guide to skincare for pregnant women:

Red Flag On Retinoids

Dermatologists agree that retinoids (vitamin A derivative products) are excellent at reducing fine lines and wrinkles and effective at diminishing the appearance of new stretch marks. However, pregnant women are advised not to use them until after giving birth. Products containing a high amount of retinoids carry the potential risk of birth defects. So why take a chance?

Retin-A (retinoic acid) comes in prescription form, but dermatologists also recommend avoiding over-the-counter creams and serums with retinol ingredients. 

Pregnancy-Safe Products

Vitamin C is recommended and a nourishing and wonderful skin brightener to use during the 9-month term. 

Hyaluronic acid is another safe ingredient for adding moisture to the skin and treating sun damage.

Alpha-hydroxy acids are excellent for battling back against breakouts and acne.

Pampering Skin Care Line

Exceptional beauty brands like Visha Skincare have devoted a lot of time in the lab doing research and testing on pregnancy-safe products that enhance a woman's complexion during her term.

The brand features a separate line for moms to be that focuses on dry and sensitive skin. Visha's collection is safe for both pregnant and nursing mothers.

Here are Visha skincare products to use while pregnant:

Mommy Bright Eye Booster.

The delicate eye area still needs protection and hydration during pregnancy, and Visha's unique botanical formula includes Emblica fruit extract, jojoba seed oil and hydrolyzed rice protein to provide relief from puffiness and dark undereye circles. The luxe cream adds smoothness and firmness to the skin around the eyes and helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Bump 2 Baby.

Visha's effective body balm performs multiple actions for pregnant and nursing moms. The elegant formula minimizes newly forming stretch marks, adds elasticity to the skin, nourishes dry skin and eczema, adds strength and structure to thinning skin and offers great protection to sensitive, delicate skin.

Shea butter, sweet almond oil and rosehip seed oil are just a few of the plant-based ingredients that feature soothing, nourishing factors.

Mommy Brightener with Illuminotex.

Hyperpigmentation is a common issue pregnant women face, and Visha has developed a pH-balanced serum that enhances the complexion, maintains radiance and that pregnancy glow, protects from acne, brightens the skin and evens up the skin tone. The serum performs all of these actions without using hydroquinone.

Visha's Illuminotex offers safe brightening agents that bring clarity to the complexion, fade scars and boost collagen production in an exquisite, gentle formula.

Skincare for pregnant women doesn't have to result in a hit or miss gamble. The best skin care lines have searched for the finest formulas to pamper and nourish moms to be.

Safe-Sun Products Matter

Pregnant women also have to be choosy when it comes to sunscreen. Not every lotion or gel is healthy for the fetus and mother. For example, dermatologists advise that applying sunscreens with common mineral ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are alright and considered harmless skincare products to use while pregnant. These ingredients sit on the skin's surface.

Oxybenzone, however, is one common chemical sunscreen ingredient that pregnant women should stay away from. The skin-absorbing chemical can cause birth defects and low birth weight in infant girls because it permeates the bloodstream.

Proper Face/Body Skin Care

Moms to be should not avoid skin care products because they fear possible side effects or harm to their baby. A pregnant woman's complexion and body still require attention, protection, hydration and gentle anti-aging treatments. Moisturizing is especially important at preventing dry skin and cracked lips.

There are a variety of excellent brands of skincare for pregnant women that focus solely on mothers to be, nursing mothers and their unborn babies. These beauty products have been carefully developed and proven to be safe and deliver amazing results.

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