How to Remove Stubborn Waterproof Mascara

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how to easily remove water proof mascara and makeup

The task of removing that waterproof mascara from those gorgeous bountiful lashes can prove to be frustrating, leaving you with sad, sticky, irritated eyes. Your bristle-like lashes take days to recover, and no amount of scrubbing, rubbing or standard eye makeup remover does the job.

But never fear: removal without the headache is possible with the right products and the proper technique. Appropriate care of your eyes and all of their dreamy qualities will have you batting those lashes with abandon- whether they are waterproof or not.

Baby Shampoo

Baby shampoo is designed for sensitive baby skin, so its application for makeup removal around a sensitive area like the eye makes perfect sense. It is also “tear free”, which usually means that it is free of soap, and other potentially irritating substances that standard shampoos and body soaps contain. Instead of soap, surfactants are used, which are standard compounds added to detergents and cleansing agents.

Sounds industrial, but in a nutshell, they release the dirt and oils from wherever they are clinging to, allowing them to be washed away. Less is more: Baby shampoo can be applied in a small amount with a wet cotton ball to your mascara laden lashes, and removed with a wet cloth. An extra plus is that an inexpensive bottle of baby shampoo will last you quite some time for this purpose.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is becoming infamous for its applications in natural beauty. One great use is the removal of makeup, and eye makeup no less. Apply coconut oil to your lashes and around the eyes with a cotton ball, and sweep away excess from the lash line with a cotton swab.

It is not only effective at removing waterproof makeup; it has a nourishing effect for both the lashes and the delicate skin around the eye. As an added benefit, coconut oil is naturally antimicrobial, reducing the risk of infection from makeup products that have lingered a little too long. If coconut oil is not readily available in your cabinet, reach for that bottle of olive oil in the pantry.

Eye Makeup Removers

Many cosmetic brands make an eye makeup remover specifically for that stubborn waterproof mascara. They contain most of the ingredients that a standard removal solution would, but the addition of oils aid in loosening the mascara from your delicate lashes.

Many quality brands utilize things like chamomile, green tea, or Vitamin B to hydrate your skin and keep your lashes in good shape. Reach for a well known, higher end brand for better results.

Cold Cream

This timeless go-to will expertly remove all of your makeup, including waterproof mascara. Cold cream is essentially an emulsion of mineral oil, wax, and water. The process that creates cold cream turns it into a soap base that readily removes makeup, while the mineral oil helps your skin retain moisture.

Apply a small amount of cold cream to eyes with the tip of your finger and massage it over lids and lashes. Wipe away the cold cream and the unwanted mascara with a warm wet cloth. 

After cleaning away the mascara and other eye makeup, use a gentle wash like the Advanced Purifying Cleanser to get rid of any residue or oils that may be left behind, and follow with a moisturizer and an eye cream if desired. 

Your eyes and your lashes will thank you for removing mascara properly. No more rubbing your eyelids raw trying to get rid of raccoon eyes, as excessive rubbing can lead to skin irritation and premature wrinkles. Using products that nourish and condition the lashes while gently removing mascara will make sure your lashes live another day.

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