Amazon’s Best Beauty Gadgets

The New York Blonde posted "Amazon’s Best Beauty Gadgets", which features Visha Skincare founder, Dr. Purvisha Patel's expert recommendation of derma-rolling, including when to get the treatment done in a physicians office.

During this quarantine I’ve spoken to a plethora of beauty experts on best skincare practices. My beauty obsessions started at age thirteen and never let up. After my IG live with dermatologist Dr. Patel from Visha Skincare, I started researching the magic behind derma-rolling. She noted its fabulous results when done in her office in Memphis Tennessee. In her professional advice this is something only to be done at a doctor’s office, but it led me to research at-home skincare devices perfect to try during this quarantine.

In an effort to recreate some of the tools used during a facial treatment, I looked to Amazon for making a purchase. Amazon is by far the best place to seek inexpensive beauty tools. These are the ones on my must-have list. I can’t wait to try them!

The Best Beauty Gadgets To Try At Home

The Derma-roller

Dr. Patel praised the derma-roller for its lighting and stimulating affects to the skin. While the derma-roller is best used as an in-office treatment, this top-rated tool can be used as a pedestrian dupe. The reviews are outstanding and the benefits claim to smooth, soften and reduce scarring on the skin.

The Bar Gold And Roller

This gold roller was first introduced to the market last year by a leading makeup artist. She uses it on her celebrity clients and claims it smooths and lifts fine lines and wrinkles. While I can’t confirm nor deny these claims, I know I would rather lay down $20 dollars than spend hundreds on something that may or may not work. Similar to the derma-roller, this product apparently works wonders. I can’t wait to try it and give a full review.

A Facial Steamer

Doesn’t a facial steam sound wonderful? Sweat acts as a natural exfoliate, releasing grit and grime from the skin. In fact, oxygen facials are one of my favorite treatments due to the constant flow of steam, removing impurities from the face. If I can’t make it to the spa, I can bring the spa to my home with this facial steamer. I’ll use it as my first step to my skincare routine for extra hydration and an extra cleansing step.

Rose Quartz Gua Sha

Gua Sha facials are not a new phenomenon. Japanese facialists swear by the depuffing and cooling effects when utilizing this tool. You might be familiar with this quartz roller which works well, but I prefer this butterfly shape. Its wide shape reaches the entirety of the face as opposed to an isolated area.

Contour Facial Roller

A blogger recently posted a rave review on this contour facial roller. She purchased this one on Amazon as opposed to the original product by Nurse Jamie. She noted she received the same lifting, contouring and smoothing results to the lower priced dupe here. I can’t wait to receive the product and see the effects for myself.

Jade Eye Mask

If you’re looking for an instant cooling sensation, the Jade Eye Mask needs to be your new go-to. I’ve actually tried this product and LOVED the results. It cools, depuffs and relaxes the face all at once. Of all the spa-like products on the market, this is THE one to buy. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Above all, reviewers mention it helps with headaches!

Dry Brush

Dry Brushing became all the rage in recent years touted by popular wellness sites and bloggers. Meant to help reduce cellulite, stimulate collagen in the body and improve circulation, a dry brush works wonders on the body. It’s a great tool to use to prep the skin for the summer.

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