Dermatologist offers suggestions to help with pandemic’s effects on your skin

WMC Action News 5 posted "Dermatologist offers suggestions to help with pandemic’s effects on your skin" featuring Dr. Purvisha Patel, founder of Visha Skincare. The article includes Dr. Patel's expert commentary on COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and the effects it can have on your skin.

The drastic changes caused by the coronavirus pandemic could be having an impact on your skin.

Experts say masks help to stop the spread of coronavirus, but constantly wearing them does not stop breakouts on the skin.

Dr. Purvisha Patel with Advanced Dermatology in Memphis calls the breakouts “Mask-ne.”

“People are getting a lot more breakouts because of the warmth, occlusion and moisture,” she said.

Patel recommends washing your face before and after using a mask.

“Make sure you’re exfoliating your skin, washing all the bacteria and fungus off your skin at least twice a day,” she said.

The pandemic has also caused a lot of stress, which for some has led to hair loss.

“There’s a phenomenon called telogen effluvium,” Patel said. “And the most common example of that is three months after a lady has a baby she loses her hair.”

That timeline is about where we are within the current pandemic. Patel recommends seeing your dermatologist to treat the hair loss.

Patel also said that quarantine may be leading to an increase in body acne as well.

“We’re sitting more than normal, we’re getting a lot of occlusion from our clothes, maybe we’re in yoga pants all day long,” she said.

If people are not maintaining a healthy diet, that could make matters worse.

Patel recommends six glasses of water a day, eight hours of sleep, a multivitamin and a pro-biotic for good skin.

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