Can You Use Acne Products While Pregnant?

Can You Use Acne Products While Pregnant?

Like most parts of pregnancy, choosing skin care and acne relief products requires additional care to make the best decision for mommy and baby. Pregnancy, while often a happy time, can increase stress and send hormone levels surging.

Women who have not had acne breakouts in years may find themselves dealing with teenage level skin blemishes that can be embarrassing, painful and frustrating for moms-to-be. While there are skin products that are safe for pregnant women to use, many common ingredients in acne fighting products may not be safe for developing babies.

Prescription Acne Medications

Prescription acne medications can be especially tough to navigate. Be sure to check with your doctor before starting any new skincare prescriptions or continuing the use of existing prescriptions. However, having the knowledge of what is dangerous for you or your baby can give you greater peace of mind and confidence in selecting safe products.

Hormonal Therapies

Avoid any types of hormonal therapies (flutamide) and Acutane, as these can lead to birth defects. Certain types of prescription skin care work by entering your blood stream, making your child vulnerable to absorbing these compounds as well. For this reason, stay away from topical retinoids (such as adapalene) and oral tetracyclines, the latter of which can also impact your baby’s bone growth and tooth color.

Over The Counter Options

While over the counter acne options may not be as potent as the prescription ones mentioned above, they still may be unsafe for pregnant mothers. Do not use any products that contain salicylic acids, which can lead to birth defects. Alpha-hydroxy acids are absorbed by your bloodstream and should not be taken while pregnant. Other over the counter options contain ingredients that may be safe but have not specifically been tested for effects on pregnancy.

Mommy Skin Care

The number of unsafe skin care options can feel overwhelming for a mother-to-be with a lot on her mind. Fortunately, there are skin care lines designed to be safe and effective for pregnant women. One of the best is the Visha Skincare line for moms.
Developed by Dr. Purvisha Patel, these specialized products are formulated only with ingredients that have been tested safe and non-toxic for both pregnant and nursing mothers. Dr. Patel has specialized in potent toxin free skincare products over the years and has applied that knowledge to create this worry-free line that addresses not only acne but also stretch marks and eczema.

The Product Line

Each of the products contribute to skin health and appearance
with the brightener being the ideal choice for pregnant mothers who are fighting acne breakouts. The Mommy Brightener works by addressing skin follicles that are inflamed or discolored by acne; an exfoliant coaxes the pores open and encourages the production of collagen.
This helps to heal the area while also stimulating the growth of healthy skin cells that will have a more even color and appearance. Additionally, when you use the Brightener, a special compound known as Illuminotex™ goes to work on skin that was previously discolored or damaged from sun exposure, scars, or earlier acne breakouts. 

The Mommy Purifying Cleanser from the Visha Mom skincare line is a safe and effective way to prevent future acne breakout. Using the product regularly will clean, exfoliate, minimize pores, and reduce redness or scarring. Since there are so many things to take care of as a mother-to-be, it is a relief to find a product that will keep your skin feeling clean and fresh. 

No matter how many things you have on your mommy list, don’t neglect caring for yourself—it makes it that much easier to care for your baby!

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