Visha Skincare Power Couple: Meet Jeremy and Matthew

Meet Jeremy and Matthew Thacker-Rhodes, a Visha Skincare Power Couple. They are entrepreneurs, fathers, and avid Visha Skincare users. With the combined power of the Advanced Purifying Cleanser and the Advanced Correcting Serum, they both achieve the confidence to balance multiple businesses and a growing family. Learn more about their love story and how they both use Visha Skincare.


When did you two first meet?

Matthew: We originally met through a mutual friend. And then, it was a phone relationship for a little while. We first met in person on May 16th, 2013. We met at Barbecue Fest here in Memphis.


What was your first impression of each other?

Jeremy: When I first saw him, I thought he was very handsome and very sweet and very confident. Overall, he was just an amazing guy.

Matthew: Kind of the same thing for me. Like I said, we met at Barbecue Fest. When I got there, I didn’t know he was there, so I literally watched him for like an hour just to see how he was. He seemed like a really fun guy. Of course, I thought he was just so handsome. We clicked and had so much fun together that night. It’s been that way every day since.


As you got to know each other, what were some qualities you liked about each other?

Jeremy: Some of the qualities I was attracted to about Matthew was his confidence. He has a very aggressive personality. If he wants it, he’s going to figure out how to get it. He never takes no for an answer. He’s an overachiever. His mannerism and his big heart was just attractive.

Matthew: When I got to know him, I recognized that he was successful in his businesses and that’s how I am personally with business. I clicked with him because of that. He’s great at what he does. When I met his kids, I learned that he’s a great dad. That’s a thing really likable about him, and I wanted to be with someone like that for the future and having a family together.


 What do both of you do for a living?

Jeremy: As far as what we do for a living, it’s a combination of things. We’re into horses; we import horses. We also own a staffing agency called Pride Staffing and a men’s barbershop called Baron’s Man Cave. We’re in the process of opening up a wedding venue and then also a restaurant and bar in downtown Memphis.



What’s it like balancing your relationship and your work?

Jeremy: It’s a little unique for us when it comes to balancing our job in our relationship. We have a unique relationship – probably not the norm, being that we’re entrepreneurs and we work for ourselves. With that being said, it’s hard to leave work at work and not bring it home because we are together 24/7. It’s ongoing at all times. We figure out what the balance is and how to cut it off to spend time together as a family.


How do you spend your time when you’re not working?

Matthew: We just adopted a new born baby, so he’s our life now. We spend all our time with him and drag him along. We love horses, and we’re big into antiques so we do estate sales, auctions, state auctions. We just drag (our new born baby) Rowan along with us. He’s learning to walk, so we like to have him out playing.

Jeremy: Having three kids – when it comes to what we do for fun – it usually centers around them. Having two teenagers, there are always ball games, sporting events, horse shows. Having a new born baby, there’s always something going on with that. We do a lot of traveling. We go to England a lot because that’s where we import the horses from. Typically, we drag baby Rowan with us for the ride.


What is your description of love?

Jeremy: My description of love would be: love is not perfect. It’s not a fairy tale. It’s not a storybook. It’s not easy. Love is overcoming obstacles and challenges. It’s fighting to be together. It’s holding on and never letting go. Love is an easy word to say and easy to spell, but it’s hard to define. At the end of the day, the most important thing about love is just everyday and every hour and every minute and second you get to spend together and having that time and being able to cherish each other.

Matthew: Like he said, it’s not perfect at all, but my opinion of true love is finding a person that isn’t perfect, but is everything you want them to be and your type of perfect. It’s working together to give that balance of perfection to each other. It means stepping outside of your box to do something you know that benefits the other.


So, what made you start using Visha Skincare together?

Jeremy: We started using Visha Skincare as we’re getting a little bit older. I realized there were certain issues with my skin that I should have taken care of years ago and just failed to do so, especially since I’m a guy. I was introduced to Visha Skincare, and I found that the products we use currently – the Bright Eye Booster, the Advanced Correcting Serum, the Sugar Shrink Body Scrub, and the Advanced Purifying Cleanser – is that it gives me confidence day to day. It gives me the look I desire to have. It makes me feel younger. It takes care of that tired and distressed look I have from working all the time. Not only that, the quality of the product speaks for itself. You have to use it to truly understand the benefits of it. You can use the Cleanser and feel the effects of it immediately. The Serum, when you put it on, you feel your face come to life.


When you’re using the Advanced Purifying Cleanser and the Advanced Correcting Serum, how does it make your face feel and what are the results you’ve seen from using both?

Matthew: I’ve used a lot of products in the past where I’ve used it and felt like that’s all I did. I really didn’t feel an effect from it and didn’t see a result from it. But I’m the type of person that wants instant results. I want to feel the effect to know that it’s working to get to a result I want. With Visha Skincare, that’s what I really like about it. The first time I put it on, I remember it gave my face a tingling, clean feel. I remember telling Jeremy, ‘Gah, my face feels cleaner than it has ever felt before.’

Jeremy: I use everything in the line, especially the Cleanser and the Serum. I use the Serum on my arms. I had some sun spots that appeared with age, and I’ve noticed over the past couple of months of using the Serum, the spots have lightened. I’m very impressed.



How would you recommend the Advanced Purifying Cleanser to someone?

Jeremy: It’s something you can use and feel immediate results from. I highly recommend it to friends and family all the time. It’s like instant gratification. You can feel the freshness.  


How would you recommend the Advanced Correcting Serum to someone?

Matthew: With the whole line and especially the Serum, I’ve been using it for a while now and I’ve definitely seen results. I felt like my pores were large and you could see them. After using the Serum for a while, I can really see that go away. If you have something that you know works and you’re getting a result from it, it gives you a good feeling about yourself. You feel better about yourself. It gives you confidence. Any time you can have any type of product that’s going to boost your confidence, why not?


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